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Double Butterfly Spring Wreath- Pink Blue Butterfly Swag

Double Butterfly Spring Wreath- Pink Blue Butterfly Swag

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This designer front door swag is a summer delight, boasting a whimsical dance of large pink and blue monarch butterflies that seem to flutter amidst a lush bed of floral greenery.

The ruffles of hot pink deco mesh add a playful touch of volume and texture, creating a backdrop that highlights the grandeur of the large pink mums, the vivacious hot pink ranunculus, and the sun-kissed orange cosmos flowers. Delicate pansies in purple and white intermingle with an array of pink and purple wildflowers, evoking a field of endless bloom.

Crowning the composition are two extravagant wired ribbon bows, masterfully crafted from designer ribbons, that anchor the top and bottom of the swag. Amidst this floral tapestry, smaller butterflies in jade green, hot pink, and light pink emerge, adding depth and dimension to the piece.

Measuring an impressive 35" x 25" x 12", this swag is not just a decoration but a statement of summer’s joy and nature’s beauty, perfect for gracing any front door and welcoming guests with its enchanting presence.
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