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Elegant Velvet Pumpkin Fall Swag

Elegant Velvet Pumpkin Fall Swag

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Embrace the essence of autumn with this luxurious fall designer door swag, a masterpiece that transforms your entrance into a celebration of the harvest season. Crafted on a sturdy faux pine base, this swag is lavishly adorned with burlap mesh ruffles and burgundy deco mesh loops, creating a rich tapestry of textures.

Perched atop are magnificent fall flowersβ€”from the deep hues of large burgundy sunflowers to the subtle elegance of mauve and coffee-colored peonies. The arrangement is further enhanced by beige chrysanthemums and delicate purple/violet rose sprays, each bloom meticulously chosen for its beauty and harmony with the autumnal theme.

The foliage is no less impressive, with autumn ferns and velvet bright orange fern fronds mingling with metallic gold maple leaves and mauve stag-horn fern, all coming together to form a lush backdrop for the floral display.

The centerpiece of this design is a quintet of velvet pumpkins, varying in size and nestled in the heart of the swag, as if just harvested from a magical pumpkin patch. Two grand wired ribbon bows, fashioned from premium ribbons, crown the creation, adding a touch of opulence and flair.

This swag is not just a decoration but a statement piece, perfect for gracing your door from fall through Thanksgiving, and leading seamlessly into the holiday season. Measuring an impressive 40 inches by 30 inches by 13 inches, it’s a grandiose gesture of autumnal welcome that’s sure to captivate and charm your guests.

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