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Summer Watermelon Flip Flop Floral Wreath- Summer Party Swag

Summer Watermelon Flip Flop Floral Wreath- Summer Party Swag

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Step into summer with this vibrant watermelon-themed flip flop door wreath, a delightful symbol of the season’s joy. Crafted upon a faux pine base, this wreath is a cornucopia of color, generously filled with ruffles of hot pink, pristine white, and a playful red and white check mesh. It’s as if a painter’s palette came to life, each hue vying for attention.

Nestled within the folds of the mesh, floral greenery cradles an array of summer flowers; hot pink zinnias and pink dahlias stand proudly, while yellow and pink small daisies, along with a sprinkle of wildflowers, contribute to the wreath’s kaleidoscope of colors. These blooms are not just flowers; they are the embers of summertime, radiating warmth and happiness.

The wreath is further adorned with large bows and loops, fashioned from high-end wired ribbons that echo the watermelon theme. These ribbons dance around the wreath, leading the eye to the centerpiece: a large watermelon design flip flop sign. This sign is not merely a decoration; it’s an invitation to embrace the carefree spirit of summer days.

Measuring an impressive 34 inches by 28 inches by 10 inches, this wreath is not just a decoration but a statement piece, perfect for pool parties or as a welcoming front door wreath. It’s a celebration of summer, a tribute to the season of sunshine and smiles, and a perfect way to welcome guests into your home.🍉🌸

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