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Summer Watermelon Front Door Swag

Summer Watermelon Front Door Swag

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Let the Summer Fun begin!!!

Imagine stepping onto a sunlit porch where a burst of summer greets you in the form of a vibrant watermelon-themed wreath. This delightful adornment is created on top of a bed of red, white, and emerald green mesh, artfully arranged in ruffles and spirals that evoke the lushness of a summer garden.

Amidst this colorful backdrop, summer floral greenery unfurls, punctuated by large red mums, hot pink zinnias and a sprinkling of red and white wildflowers that whisper of warm, lazy afternoons.

Adding to the wreath’s charm are high-end designer bows and ribbon loops adorned with whimsical watermelon patterns, their tails cascading among the foliage. Red and green miniature glitter balls shimmer, suspended from bendable picks that allow them to dance with every gentle breeze. Red and white glitter balls add a touch of sparkle, nestled like hidden gems within the greenery.

At the heart of this summer spectacle is a round Watermelon centerpiece sign, a playful nod to the season’s favorite fruit. The entire creation spans an impressive 37 inches by 27 inches, with a depth of 11 inches, offering a generous display of summer’s bounty. Crafted upon a faux pine base, this wreath is not just a decoration but a celebration of the season, inviting all who pass by to savor the sweetness of summer.

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