FAQ's- Southern Wreathsal

How long has Southern Wreathsal been in business?

 *We have been in business since 2013.  Having been on Etsy since 2014 with over 3,000 sales, Facebook since 2014 with 2340 sales and more than 2000 sales through word of mouth.

 * We have maintained and 5 star review for the past nine years 

Who owns/runs Southern Wreathsal?

 * I myself own and design all items that are created.  I am a one woman show with occasional help during the busy seasons.  No item ever leaves my hands unless I am 100% satisfied with the final look.

About Me:

My name is Kristina Humphries and I am a wife and mother of two wonderful now in their "twenties" daughters.  I live in Alabaster, Alabama and love being able to take my skills to new levels.

I am extremely close to my family and praise God everyday for allowing me to be on the journey I am currently walking.

I began creating hair bows for my girls when they were babies and from there it escalated to my current status.  I am self taught and willing to try just about any new idea that comes my way.