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Everyday Lemon Designer Grapevine Wreath

Everyday Lemon Designer Grapevine Wreath

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This is a cheerful and colorful wreath that features a grapevine base decorated with various accents.

The main colors are blue and yellow, which create a striking contrast. The wreath has two large bows made of high-quality ribbons in lemon theme that are nestled atop yellow, gold and blue mesh ruffles.

The wreath also has artificial lemons, peonies, honeysuckles, daisies, and greenery that add texture and freshness. A round sign that says β€œWelcome” and is decorated with lemons and vines hangs from the side of the wreath. This wreath is perfect for spring and summer and would brighten up any door or wall.

Wreath measures 31" x 26"

Care Instructions:

All items are perfect for displaying inside or outside as long as they are covered from harsh weather elements. I highly recommend displaying your item out of direct sunlight to avoid fading on certain accents.

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