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Stars & Stripes Patriotic July 4th Door Swag

Stars & Stripes Patriotic July 4th Door Swag

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Celebrate the spirit of Independence Day with this grand patriotic front door swag.
At the heart of the design, two large glittering stars in the nation’s colors make a bold statement. Surrounding them are lush red, white, and blue peony flowers, complemented by two deluxe bows and streamers featuring the iconic stars and stripes. Royal blue pom-pom flowers add a unique touch, while a variety of greenery, interspersed with blue beads and blooms, red ficus leaves, and red and navy deco mesh ruffles, creates a rich tapestry of texture and color. This swag isn’t just for the Fourth of Julyβ€”it’s a year-round tribute to patriotism, measuring 37 inches by 28 inches by 11 inches.

Whether it’s Independence Day or any day, this swag is a perfect way to show your American pride. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβœ¨
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