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You Are My Sunshine Summer Sunflower Door Wreath

You Are My Sunshine Summer Sunflower Door Wreath

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Welcome guests into your home with a burst of joy and color with this large, vibrant front door wreath. Adorned with bright yellow sunflowers and hot pink zinnias, each petal is crafted to mimic the realistic beauty of these summer blooms. These florals are nestled into a lush bed of greenery and assorted wildflowers, evoking the essence of a sun-drenched meadow.

The wreath’s foundation is a playful mix of burlap mesh, intertwined with moss green and gold mesh ruffles, giving it a full and fluffy appearance that’s both rustic and chic. Adding to the wreath’s charm are two large bows, fashioned from high-end wired ribbons that exude excitement and glamour.

At the heart of the wreath is an oval wooden sign, featuring a painted array of sunflowers. The timeless quote, “You are my Sunshine,” is elegantly scripted in black, serving as a cheerful greeting to all. This wreath’s generous dimensions of 36 inches by 28 inches by 11 inches make it a statement piece that’s sure to capture the attention and hearts of anyone who steps up to your door. It’s not just a decoration; it’s a warm embrace to your home. 🌻✨

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